Gas Ducted Heating

What is gas ducted heating?

Ducted gas heating comprises of a heating unit connected to a series of outlets via a system of ducts.

The outlets/ducts are strategically placed throughout your home, either in the floor or ceiling. The position of the heating unit depends on your house. If your house is built on a concrete slab, the unit is installed in the roof.

If your home has space underneath, the unit is generally installed outside or under the floor.

The duct which connects the outlets to the heating unit, are neatly tucked away out of sight.

Ducted gas heating is the most cost effective way to heat your entire house. You can save up to $300* per year in operating costs to heat your entire house using a high efficiency ducted gas heater compared to using an ordinary gas space heater.

A household using electrical appliances for heating produces three times more greenhouse gas emissions than one using a ducted gas heating appliance.

*Sustainable Energy Victoria, 2004 for a house size up to 150m2


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How does it work?

The ducted heating unit draws air from inside your home through a return air grille. From here it then flows into the heater where it’s warmed, and then in to every room of your home via the outlets/ducts, in the form of a warm, gentle supply of air.

Once the temperature inside your home reaches your pre-set temperature, the burner’s inside the heating unit will turn off.

The fan then slows down ensuring that all the remaining heat inside the unit is used to heat your house.